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Big Data for Architects

——   Created by Bhavuk Chawla

Build Data Pipelines and Compare Key Big Data Technologies

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8h 13m
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In the Big Data Era, there is the availability of a wide Spectrum of tools/technologies such as HDFS, Sqoop, Hive, Impala, HBase, Spark, Kafka, Nifi, and many more. Isn't it puzzling to select few among the set of many? Especially when there is a need to develop complete end-to-end pipelines. Because your selection will decide how efficiently you will conquer big data. If you are also confused about these tools, then “Big Data for Architects” is the best solution to this problem. This course not only covers all the basic Big Data tools and technologies but also covers the in detail differentiation between the same set of technologies. This expedition starts by exploring the Big Data Ecosystem, then we went to learn about Data Pipelines and go to the exploration of Batch & Stream pipelines. It helps to make the Data Architects much more equipped with the knowledge using which they can develop the well-equipped and optimized Data Pipeline.

Course Highlights
  •  2 hours of Instructor Time (1 on 1 basis) to ensure that your questions are clarified 
  • 7 hours+ Video Content
  • Always up to date content
  • Technical Slack Support for quick query resolution 
  • Gain Holistic Picture of Big Data Ecosystem
  • Experience Classroom like environment via White-boarding sessions
  • Understand Big Data Architectures and Pipelines
  • Build End to End Big Data Batch and Streaming Pipelines
  • Understand which Big Data Technology to choose when?
  •  Perform hands-on on Google Cloud DataProc Pseudo Distributed (Single Node) Environment
  •  Get Ongoing Course Support on Course Forum ( for ensuring your successful course completion
  • Delivered by Bhavuk Chawla who has trained 5000+ participants in in-person trainings
  • Acquire Certificate on Successful Completion of the Course
Course Audience
  • Engineers/Scientists in understanding role of various Big Data Technologies
  • Big Data Leads/Architects who want to enhance their Big Data knowledge 
  • Big Data Engineers planning to appear for Professional level Certifications like DE575, Google Certified Data Professional etc.
  • Big Data Engineers planning to crack the next interview or who are looking for Promotion :)
Course Structure and Approach
  • Full of Whiteboarding Sessions to provide you Classroom like experience
  • Understand thought process in choosing Big Data Ingestion, Storage, Processing and Analysis related Technologies
  • Focus on Key Architectures and Pipelines in Big Data Ecosystem
  • Which Big Data Technology to choose when?
  • Covering Breadth of Big Data Technologies 
  • Hands-on on Google Cloud DataProc Pseudo Distributed Cluster 
  • Theory is more but relevant to provide you right information to work with Real World Big Data Projects
  • No need to pay for running labs on Google Cloud 
Course Prerequisites
  •  Knowledge equivalent to our Big Data Crash Course 
  • Credit card for setting up GCP account (no charges will be deducted if using GCP trial version). You can perform all exercises of this course without incurring charges. Please refer to the “GCP Account Best Practices” Section for more details.

65 Lessons

2 mins
BoB Course Structure and Approach
free preview
3 mins
BoB Pre-requisites
free preview
2 mins
Course Audience
free preview
3 mins
About me
free preview
Environment Setup
2 mins
Google Cloud Account Setup
13 mins
Creating a Dataproc Cluster
3 mins
GCP Account Best Practices
Holistic View, Architectures and Pipelines
20 mins
Big Data Logical Architecture
free preview
12 mins
Evolution of Big Data Technologies
13 mins
Key Big Data Architectures
3 mins
Typical Big Data Batch Pipeline
9 mins
Typical Big Data Streaming Pipelines
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