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Bluegrass Guitarpeggios (Guitar Arpeggios)

——   Created by Eric Beaty

Connecting the Dots to Unlocking the Fretboard with Arpeggios

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3h 31m
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Hello, current/aspiring flat-picking Bluegrass guitarist. Consider the following:

  • Have you ever been stuck in your guitar playing progress?
  • Do you wish you could just get out of the musical rut you're in?
  • Are you ready to take on the next level of mastering the fretboard?

Then Bluegrass Guitarpeggios by Eric Beaty is here to help.

In this all new, full-length, 40+ lecture course—the second Bluegrass Guitar course by Eric—you'll learn everything he knows about how to incorporate arpeggios to take your playing to new heights.

Eric covers such concepts as:

  • The Definition and Application of Arpeggios
  • How to Incorporate Arpeggios into your Bluegrass Flat-Picking solos
  • Using the CAGED Method to create Arpeggios
  • How to use Octave Arpeggio Shapes for better Fretboard Memorization
  • How to Easily Connect Arpeggio Shapes for faster Fretboard Navigation
  • Various Exercises for Practicing Arpeggios for developing Muscle Memory
  • How legendary Bluegrass players such as Tony Rice use arpeggios in their own real-world songs
  • First-hand examples of Using Arpeggios in Popular Bluegrass Fiddle Tunes

Materials and resources included in this course:

  • Over 40 High Quality, 1080p mp4 video lectures (stream or download at your leisure)
  • Various Fretboard Diagrams for better visualization and understanding of arpeggios
  • Links to helpful resources such as Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks for use in practicing arpeggios
  • Links to example videos further explaining the concepts covered in the lectures
  • Tablature PDF files of various arpeggios, licks, and solos. (Also includes Guitar Pro 7 files for those who wish to make the most of their learning experience.)
  • Audio mp3 files of Tablature examples for a better understanding of various arpeggio concepts
  • All this and more!

43 Lessons

7 mins
free preview
17 mins
BONUS Video: Fretboard Diagrams Overview
4 mins
What Are Arpeggios?
free preview
9 mins
Major Triads
2 mins
Minor Triads
4 mins
Diminished & Augmented Triads
5 mins
Wide Intervals
free preview
13 mins
Arpeggio Extensions
7 mins
Overview of The CAGED Method
5 mins
Major CAGED Shapes
5 mins
Minor CAGED Shapes
4 mins
F to D Exercise
4 mins
Connecting Arpeggios
9 mins
D to A Exercise
4 mins
Fm to Dm exercise
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Eric  Beaty
Eric Beaty
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Eric Beaty has been teaching guitar online since YouTube first became popular back in 2007 and has amassed a subscriber base of over 16,000, …

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