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Body Language in the Workplace

——   Created by Entrepreneur NOW, and TJ Walker

Body Language Skills for a High Tech World

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Body language in the workplace has never been more important, more complicate or more confusing. TJ Walker, a world class presentation skills and body language expert to executives around the world, is here to guide you on how to handle yourself(and your body) in every workplace situation.  

 Body Language in the Workplace 2018 reflects the modern reality that executives and workers need to convey comfort and authority not just in face-to-face meetings and presentations, but also in on-demand and live video communications on Skype, Facetime, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx and other platforms.  

This body language course will give you all the tools you need to interact with customers, clients, colleagues and bosses in the modern workplace.  

You will never need to feel awkward or uncomfortable in the workplace again.  

You can look and feel as comfortable conducting a meeting on Skype video or giving a keynote presentation as you are talking to your best friend.  

Note: This course will not peddle you the same old tired (and fake!) clichés about body language being 93% of communication. It will teach you have to use effective body language, combine with your other job skills, for maximum positive career impact. 

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this course?

  • Come across as comfortable, confident and relaxed in any work setting
  • Display excellent body language in the workplace
  • Come across authoritative on Skype video, TV and other on-camera work opportunities
  • Exude leadership when speaking and presenting

Please note: this is a body language communications course conducted by a real person who is speaking and demonstrating communication skills. If you are looking for a course with lots of animation, slides, special effects, slick edits, and robotic voices, this course is not for you.

23 Lessons

Mastering the Fundamentals of Body Language
2 mins
Quick Wins - You Will Look Your Best on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Live
free preview
4 mins
Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down
free preview
3 mins
The Ultimate Tricky Body Language - Touching
3 mins
Big Picture - Make Everyone You Work With Feel Comfortable Working With You
3 mins
Your Nerves Will Never Show Again in the Workplace
8 mins
You'll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again
6 mins
Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands
Body Language for Every Specific Situation In Your Workplace
11 mins
The Composed, Confident Video Star
5 mins
Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again
5 mins
You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV
6 mins
The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is...
3 mins
The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence
12 mins
Great Body Language for Your Presentations
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