Bounce Calligraphy - Beyond Modern Calligraphy Basics

——   Created by Vivian Uang

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Do you want to make your calligraphy bouncy?

Bounce Calligraphy is fun and easy once you know the tricks. All the letters and words seem to be without any order and randomly placed together, but somehow, they all look so happily co-existing. That's why I often say an excellent bounce calligraphy writing is like a good party- all the letters are having a good time together, and nobody is left out.

In this class, I will show you how to be a good host of this fun lettering party. You will learn the secret of making word-arrangement look zippy and effortless. We will practice these party tricks by doing two class projects together. So grab your favorite pens and paper, let's bounce!

P.S. I will be using a regular size brush pen, drawing paper, and tracing paper. You are free to choose your favorite writing tools.

The course project

We will create a postcard that we can mail to a loved one. You can write any quote or short message; around 5-15 words is a good sentence length to start. I also have a list of quotes in the class PDF that you can choose to write.

10 Lessons

Class Project
Typography Terminology
Bouncy Letters
Bouncy Words
Project 1 Sketching
Project 1 Inking
Project 2 Thumbnails
Project 2 Sketching & Inking
You did it!
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Calligraphy Artist & Graphic Designer based in Queens NYC

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