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Brush Lettering Calligraphy: Learn to draw letters with brush pens

——   Created by Mary-Jane Roussel

The "write" way to beautiful letters, quotes, texts

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Do you just love having a pen or a marker or a pencil in hand? Hearing the soft sound of the words appearing on your page? Feeling the smooth paper under your hand? Then you’re in the right place!

This course was made for people like you— people that really feel at home with a pile of blank sheets of paper and a mess of writing tools spread out over the desk!

With brush lettering, you can enjoy a sort of freedom that isn’t necessarily as easy when doing traditional calligraphy. Letter forms are more spontaneous and can be adapted them quite easily to your own natural style of writing. Here, the idea is more to guide you as opposed to teaching you.

In the course, you'll learn about the best papers to use and about different types of brush pens. We'll also talk about other supplies to have on hand. Then, after touching on guidelines and some helpful hints, you'll start with some warm-up exercises. From there, each letter will be studied, in both lower and upper case. Toward the end of the course, we'll learn to centre a text. Pangrams are great practice tools - there are several included. To finish, we'll look at some of the many ways you can use your newly acquired brush lettering skills.

Working through this course will help you disconnect from all that’s around you. It’s really a sort of Yoga For The Soul!

The course project

The class project is a brush-lettering sampler, using the theme of your choice. In the project shown, "World Cities" is the subject. Other ideas for themes include: foods, given names, professions, motivating words ... 

Let's say, that for a new project, I choose "drinks" as my theme. I might begin my sampler with "Amaretto, Beer, Cider, Dandelion Wine, Earl Grey Tea , Freshie ..." I would write these words with my brush pen on whatever sort of paper I like, whatever size I choose.

Take a photo of your project, or scan it, and post it for all to admire!

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Holding the pen
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Exercises 1
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About the instructor

Mary-Jane Roussel

Hello. Allow me introduce myself: my name is Mary-Jane Roussel. I’m Canadian -- and French! I come from the Kawarthas (in Ontario) and live in …

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