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Brush Pen Modern Calligraphy - From Basic Strokes to Adding Flourishes

——   Created by Vivian Uang

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1h 25m
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Whether your handwriting is wedding invitation-worthy or it looks like some encrypted coding, I believe you can learn to write beautiful modern calligraphy with the right method. 

In this class, I will take you step-by-step on how to build beautiful letterforms so you can write calligraphy with confidence. I will also show you tips on how to add flourishes to your calligraphy and advance techniques for bettering your handwriting so you can keep on improving beyond these lectures. 

The supplies you'll need to follow along with the class:

  • A print-out of the worksheet package
  • A regular size brush pen
  • A pad of tracing paper (optional)
  • One or two paper clips (optional)

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The hefty worksheet package includes:

  • One practice page of basic strokes practice
  • Five practice pages of lowercase letters
  • Three practice pages of uppercase letters
  • A flourish guide
  • A model sheet with suggested project ideas
  • A blank guide sheet
  • A Typography terminology diagram
  • Plus a resource page

This is a comprehensive modern calligraphy class for anyone who can hold a pen!

Download the worksheet package by going to the "Projects & Resources" tab, and click on the link at the right-hand side.

Happy writing!

The course project

You can use the examples provided in the worksheet package or come up with your own.

Option 1:

Write a short sentence or quote and incorporate the flourishing techniques taught in the class.

Option 2:

Write a name and dressed it up with some flourishes

18 Lessons

5 mins
Intro With Material
free preview
3 mins
free preview
2 mins
9 mins
Basic Strokes Part 1
7 mins
Basic Strokes Part 2
6 mins
Lowercase 1
4 mins
Lowercase 2
4 mins
Lowercase 3
6 mins
Lowercase 4
8 mins
Lowercase 5
7 mins
Uppercase Part 1
7 mins
Uppercase Part 2
6 mins
Uppercase Part3
5 mins
Consistency Part 1
9 mins
Consistency Part 2
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About the instructor

Vivian  Uang
Vivian Uang
  • 3 courses

Calligraphy Artist & Graphic Designer based in Queens NYC

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