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Build An Attractive Freelancer Website

——   Created by Rosie Bell

Content & Design Inspiration For Your Digital Calling Card

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Freelancing is liberating and gives you flexibility, variety and the opportunity to handpick your ideal clients. To attract them, you’ll need a website that stands out from the rest to show them how YOU stand out from the rest.

This class is an inspiration station covering both the design and content for freelancer websites that are anything but ordinary. We’ll look at several inventive freelancer and personal brand websites and you’ll get inspiration to create or update yours and you'll have some fun while we're at it.

This class is perfect for freelancers from all walks of life and all industries whether you’re a life coach, language teacher or a luxury travel consultant. It’s suitable for you whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your feet into the world of freelancing because everyone can benefit from having a personal website that's compelling, attractive and impressive.

Benefits of taking this class:

  • Have a bit of fun while learning how to build a standout website that differentiates and showcases your freelance services attractively
  • Get inspiration to update your existing freelancer website or build a new one
  • Get countless examples of freelancer websites that are anything but ordinary
  • Learn the guidelines for websites that are compelling and visually appealing

An Excel worksheet will be provided for you listing all the websites referenced within this course as well as a list of over 100 carefully-selected premium Wordpress themes you can use to create your website. There will also be space for you to take notes as you go along.

Let's get started!

Please note: The downloadable Excel sheet can be found underneath the course video in the tab called "Projects & Resources". It's to the right of "Discussions" and "Reviews".

The course project

With the help of the handy Excel worksheet that’s available for download, your class project is to complete one of these two tasks depending on where you are on the journey towards creating your best freelancer website.

1) If you are yet to build your website or just starting out, your task will be to outline your goals, audience and tone for your website.

  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • Who are you speaking to?
  • And how will you speak to them?

2) If you already have a website, I’ve created a checklist for you to audit your site to help you ensure your content is compelling and your design is attractive and visually-appealing.

A bonus task for you is to share your website with someone in your professional circle or better yet a past client, and ask them what impression it gives them. What does it communicate to them and is this what you want it to be communicating?

17 Lessons

2 mins
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4 mins
The Importance of Freelancer Websites
free preview
6 mins
Your Goals, Audience and Tone
9 mins
Visually Appealing Design
5 mins
Compelling Content
4 mins
Home and Landing Pages
11 mins
About Pages and Bios
3 mins
Portfolio Pages
6 mins
Services Offered and “Work With Me” Pages
2 mins
Press and Appearances
3 mins
4 mins
9 mins
Newsletter Sign-up Pages and Forms
5 mins
Contact Pages and Forms
6 mins
Honorable Mentions
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