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Build Strong Foundation to Become an Entrepreneur

——   Created by Mayur Pangrekar

Learn 5 pillars of entrepreneurship

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1h 28m
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Welcome! This video course is in English. Taught more than 10000 people worldwide through video courses. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to start something on your own? If so, in this video course, I am going to tell you 10 abilities or skills you need to be an entrepreneur. Why is it important to be aware of these skills? Because, then only you will know what skills you have and what other skills you need to acquire.

I am going to tell you how to create a strong foundation for an extraordinary life and career for entrepreneurship. I have done all the groundwork for you, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just follow and implement my system. In this course, you will find your unique ability. Unique Ability clarity gives you a framework for every decision you make in life, from what activities to do (or not do), what audiences you can best create value for, what kind of team you need around you, what environment best suits you, and what relationships will mesh with your way of doing things.

We must cultivate a deep understanding of ourselves by identifying our most valuable strengths and most dangerous weaknesses. This knowledge gives us the power to produce extraordinary results in our career. In this course, you will do your personal SWOT analysis.

With this course, you will build a strong foundation to become an entrepreneur. Take action, enroll now!

 Target audience

 1.      Entrepreneurs

2.      Aspiring entrepreneurs

3.      Working professionals

4.      Students 

What will students learn in your course? 

 1.       10 entrepreneurial skills 

2.       Build a strong foundation with 5 pillars 

3.       4 step easy method to find unique ability 

4.       9 questions to find your strengths and weaknesses 

5.       Know opportunities and threats you face 

6.       Your complete SWOT analysis 

7.       Direct access to me through 1 to 1 video coaching 

8.       Huge clarity about your purpose, passion, unique ability and goals  

Course requirements 

1.      Willingness to learn new methods

2.      Willingness to do assignment 

3.      Watch all videos 

15 Lessons

Section 1
8 mins
Entrepreneur 1 3 abilities
free preview
8 mins
Entrepreneur 4 6 abilities
5 mins
Entrepreneur 7 8 abilities
5 mins
Entrepreneur 9 10 abilities
7 mins
Entrepreneur Purpose Passion
7 mins
Entrepreneur Unique Ability Vision Goals
Section 2
7 mins
Entrepreneur Unique Ability Introduction
free preview
6 mins
Entrepreneur Unique Ability Part 1
8 mins
Entrepreneur Unique Ability Parts 2 3 4
Section 3
4 mins
SWOT Analysis Benefits
free preview
4 mins
SWOT Analysis Importance
8 mins
SWOT Strengths and Weaknesses
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About the instructor

Mayur Pangrekar

· Certified life coach, CCA, Canada, 2018

· Certified NLP coach practitioner, ICTA, Europe, 2020

· Corporate trainer

· Trained by Dr. Vivek …

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