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Building a Digital Planner for Goodnotes in Affinity Publisher

——   Created by Jenny Veguilla-Lezan

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2h 23m
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Class Description

Hi! I am Jen Lezan, I run a creative studio (Bella+Sophia Creative) based out of the Midwest that focuses on Graphic Design, Surface Pattern Design and Illustration. I have a background working in the fashion industry and teaching in higher education. I specialize in creating surface pattern designs and other illustrated digital media for the fashion, product and stationary industries . You may know me from my previous classes here on Arbington which have focused on trend forecasting and developing trend reports. Aside from my work in fashion and graphic design, I really enjoy planning! In addition to paper planning, I have a fond appreciation for digital planning. Some of my top selling products are my digital planners and stickers sets in my Etsy shop. Which is why I am excited to share this next class with you. Building a digital planner in Affinity Publisher is not nearly as hard as you think. I wanted to share some tips, my knowledge and help you build a digital planner that you can customize to your needs. I also find that digital planners are less intimidating as you don’t feel so much pressure when creating spreads in them because you can always undo. Finally, digital planners are a bit more eco friendly than your traditional paper planners as you can reuse them over and over again. 


What the class is about

In this class, you will learn how to create a linked digital planner in Affinity Publisher. I really enjoy using Affinity publisher for creating planners and printable because it is so easy to create precise shapes, space them evenly, add vector effects to the shapes and link all of your pages to prepare them for your digital note taking app. It’s also easy to add dates to the planner and keep the numbers and shapes properly aligned using the align tools. 

You can choose to create either a dated or an undated planner as your class project. I’ll outline options for both and we’ll go over the pros and cons of creating a dated vs. an undated planner. This course is a fantastic class to also get comfortable using Affinity Publisher - as you are going through the basic process of creating in the program and you get a tangible project that you can use after you are done. 

A few of the skills students will learn

You will learn how create your own digital planner in Affinity Publisher. We will start with the basics of understanding the tool bars and functions in the Affinity Publisher workspace, then we will start to build out our digital planner. You will learn how to design basic layouts, create pages, get an understanding of the layers function in the program, learn how to create tabs and how to link those tabs to pages in your layout. We will also go over how to use the shape tools, the line tool and how to use the the move and align functions. You will get a better understanding of the layer FX tools and how to add things like embossing and shadows to make items feel more 3-D. We will learn how to create basic buttons and icons and even how to create simple stickers (I’ll have a more in-depth course on this coming soon). Finally, we will go over how to export your file for use in note taking apps like Goodnotes and how to load it into the app on your iPad. We will go over some simple tasks in Goodnotes like how to write on your planner, how to add text, how to add your stickers and how to duplicate pages and spreads. 

You can use the planner you create in this class to offer as a free download if you are trying to build an email list, sell it on your website or a site like Etsy or Creative Market. To make things easier, I will be including the class project affinity publisher template that you can edit and get acquainted with before you start your own. I will also include a ODF you can buy other styles of my planners there) or just use it yourself!

Supplies Needed for this Class 

All you need to take this class is your iPad, The Goodnotes app or any other note taking app and of course your laptop or computer with Affinity Publisher. I hope you enjoy the course, let’s get creating!

Who the class is geared toward or if any prior knowledge or experience is required

This class is geared towards beginners. You don’t need any prior experience using the Affinity Publisher software as I will be going over the basics to help you get comfortable using the software. 

Some very basic technical abilities will be needed as I will be showing you step by step how to use the procreate app on the iPad and how to build your pattern in the Affinity Photo program on a desktop to create a raster based repeat pattern. 

The course project

For your class project, we will be creating your very own digital planner. You will create a 6 spread layout featuring a cover page with a notes area, a goal planning spread, a weekly spread, a monthly spread, a daily spread, and a spread for your sticker in the program including linked tabs and sections that feature things like calendars, to do lists, weekly outlines and more. You will be duplicating your monthly spread 12 times for each month of the year. Finally, you will also be creating a basic digital sticker and button set for use in your planner. 

18 Lessons

6 mins
free preview
5 mins
Setting Up Your Document in Affinity Publisher
10 mins
Getting Familiar with the Menu in Affinity Publisher
7 mins
Getting Familiar with the Tool Bar in Affinity Publisher
6 mins
Working with the Tools in Affinity Publisher
3 mins
Saving and Exporting in Affinity Publisher
22 mins
Building Your Planner Base in Affinity Publisher
14 mins
Adding and Linking Your Page Tabs in Affinity Publisher
9 mins
Designing Your Planner Page Layouts - Goals Spread
10 mins
Designing Your Planner Page Layouts - Daily Spread
8 mins
Designing Your Planner Page Layouts - Weekly Spread
10 mins
Designing Your Planner Page Layouts - Monthly Spread
4 mins
Exporting your Digital Planner to a PDF
3 mins
Loading your Digital Planner into Goodnotes
17 mins
Creating Icon and Sticker Elements for your Digital Planner
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Jenny Veguilla-Lezan
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 I am a Chicago-born Latinxer (I'm a proud Puerto Rican and Mexican American) millennial, an educator, and a freelance creative with experience in graphic design, digital media, …

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