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Building a Spreadsheet Model

——   Created by Ross Maynard

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Modern spreadsheets are very powerful tools and it is easy to build a forecasting or business model. The problem is that the formulae can quickly become very complex,and the structure of the model can get very unwieldy. The person who originally built the model may be able to navigate it well enough, but the people who have to use it,or want to study the outputs, may find it impenetrable.

What is needed is structure. A good spreadsheet model tells a story–it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.The model needs to be easy to understand, so that non-experts can see how changes in variables affect the model and can take ownership of it. Equally importantly, if the person who built the model is unavailable, someone else can take over and “drive” it without too much difficulty.

Building a Spreadsheet Forecasting Model will provide delegates with the skills they need to structure and develop a practical and effective spreadsheet forecasting or planning mode

The course will focus on building models for:

  1. Forecasting the likely, and possible, outcomes of business activity
  2. Reviewing the feasibility of proposed business ventures
  3. Planning the financial needs and performance of business projects
  4. Modeling the performance of the business as a whole through various business scenarios.

Key learning points

  1. On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
  2. Understand the need for structure when building a spreadsheet model.
  3. Detail the components of a well-structured spreadsheet forecasting or planning
  4. model, and why they are needed.
  5. Work through a defined series of steps to build a productive and understandable spreadsheet model.
  6. Use the model to assess the impact of a range of potential outcomes and scenarios using “What if” and sensitivity analysis.
  7. Build accessible, understandable and flexible spreadsheet models in any arena or situation.
  8. Develop the confidence to adapt, adjust and experiment with spreadsheet models in a wide range of scenarios.
  9. Understand the value of a spreadsheet business model for the running of their organisation
  10. Make better business decisions using a business model

13 Lessons

8 mins
Principles of Spreadsheet Model Building
free preview
9 mins
The Key Elements in a Spreadsheet Model
14 mins
Definitions Assumptions and Sources of Data
4 mins
Exercise Model Foundations
7 mins
Building the Spreadsheet Model: Input Data
4 mins
Building the Model: Intermediate Calculations
9 mins
Building the Model: The Core Model
9 mins
Output Data and the Executive Summary
3 mins
Exercise: Reviewing a Model
16 mins
Sensitivity Analysis
17 mins
Building a Spreadsheet Model of your Business
9 mins
Planning and Decision Making using the Business Model
8 mins
Presenting the Outputs of your Spreadsheet Model

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Ross Maynard
Ross Maynard
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I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants specialising in process improvement. I have nearly 30 years experience in consultancy, facilitation and …

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