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Building Resilience

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Life is an imperfect journey and often throw us various challenging curve-balls along the way. This impacts on our ability to see clearly and often affects our stress response, anxiety and overall well-being. A good example of this is pretty much what we all had to endure the last while, with extreme levels of anxiety, uncertainty and unhappiness. We don’t know what tomorrow might bring, but we can build ourselves and become more ‘Resilient’ to these challenging curve balls. This is the purpose of the Building Resilience program.

The Building Resilience program is focused on Self Care practices, designed to help you build personal resilience and sustain strong foundations necessary to deal with stress and anxiety, and help overcome challenges you may face.

The program covers Twelve(12) Foundational Elements, which discusses and encompasses various aspects of our lives. It provides simple and easy to use

The course project

There are two(2) resources available to download as part of this program:

  1. Mind Teaser - Exercise each student must complete and then submit/upload once completed?
  2. Step by Step Guide - Procedural document to guide you through the different steps as part of this program.

16 Lessons

8 mins
BR | Strive & Thrive - Beyond a Covid State of Mind
free preview
12 mins
Building Resilience | Program Overview
free preview
3 mins
BR | Foundational Element - Opening
11 mins
BR | FE-01 - Culture & Belief System
10 mins
BR | FE-02 - Fitness
10 mins
BR | FE-03 - Sleep
11 mins
BR | FE-04 - Nutrition
11 mins
BR | FE-05 - Meditation
28 mins
BR | FE-06 - Triggers
19 mins
BR | FE-07 - Financial
11 mins
BR | FE-08 - Family & Friends
16 mins
BR | FE-09 - Social Media
9 mins
BR | FE-10 - Inspiration
15 mins
BR | FE-11 - Self-forgiveness
14 mins
BR | FE-12 - Affirmations
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