Business Development Skills- Developing Transferrable Sales Skills

——   Created by Silvia Njoki
35m of on-demand video

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  • Silvia Njoki
    Silvia Njoki

    Self trained artist

  • Biography

    Silvia has been a freelance artist for the past 7 years. She is literally an artistic junkie. Whether its painting, music, or artistic projects- she is your girl! She has a background in multidisciplinary art where she brings projects to life by painting, bullet journaling, crocheting, and using diverse mediums to create final results. 

    3 years ago Silvia started teaching her skills. Her focus has been a balance of art and business. Showing how individuals can incorporate skills from business to develop their passion. This has been successful in posting classes and YouTube videos to her audience. She admits that she thoroughly enjoys the process.

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    Course content

    2 mins
    Introduction to Business Development
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    2 mins
    Your Class Project
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    3 mins
    Defining Business Development & Value Offering
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    4 mins
    Decision Intelligence (DQ Selling)
    3 mins
    Incorporating DQ in Developing Connections
    6 mins
    Tools to Use - Part 1
    3 mins
    Tools to Use - Part 2
    4 mins
    Creating Systems within your Project
    7 mins
    Pricing Solutions you Provide for Clients
    2 mins
    Acquiring Support through Mentorship
    3 mins

    What you'll learn

    Business Development

    Take your business to business (B2B) sales skill to a new level with this class. This class is ideal for new people in the industry. It provides you with an opportunity to understand how to incorporate these skills in your personal life as well as for the growth of your business. 

    I take you through how to increase your skills in the area through sharing personal examples from my roles as a: 

    1. Founder of Nature and Life 
    2. Work experience as a Business Development Executive. 
    3. Freelance Artist

    Therefore, as a student you get to understand what is Business Development and why it is important for your personal and business life. 

    The objective of the class is to:

    1. Train students on what is Business Development

    2. Demystify beliefs on selling through comparing Decision Intelligence and Direct Product Selling

    3. Teach on the role of systems in enabling one to grow their network

    4. Sharing various CRM tools available to those looking to incoroporate Business Development (BD) in their business life. 

    5. Go over how to price solutions 

    6. Incorporate mentorship for increased growth

    By the end of the class, a student should feel more confident about growing their skills in the field. They can also test out tools for business growth for their project. 

    Furthermore, a student should effectively be able to transfer these skills into their conversations with others. Remembering you can always build your connections through establishing value.