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Business Law: Applied Fundamentals

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Learn The Principles of Business Law

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This course is designed to introduce user to the legal system, business and corporation law and related matters. It is important for all professionals to have an appreciation of the role played by law in regulating society and the business community. This course seeks to provide users with an understanding and knowledge of the legal system and sources of law in Australia. The course examines the common law and statutory principles relating to the commercial environment and corporate governance. The course combines elements of essential business law including key features of contract and other relevant areas of law. This unit also examines essential elements of corporation law including, the concept of separate legal entity, company formation and operation as well as corporate governance. This will include a study of the law relating to directors and management, members' rights and winding up of a company. Overall, the course provides the opportunity to research and analyse relevant legislation and case law and critically examine the role played by law in modern society.


Upon the completion of this subject, students will be able to:

• Demonstrate an understanding and evaluate the different legal issues arising in the business environment.

• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main common law and statutory provisions which apply to institutions, personnel and commercial transactions in the Australia context.

• Explain the benefits of ethics within the context of corporate and business law.

• Investigate, analyse and synthesize legal principles relating to commercial transactions, corporations and other forms of business organisations.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying themes and issues and the key legal principles relating to commercial transactions, and/or corporate law.

• Demonstrate the capacity to apply legal reasoning and research to generate appropriate responses to legal problems in the corporate governance contexts.

• Identify and comment on the policy issues which arise in various topics, including the need for law reform where the law is considered deficient.

TIME: Up to 12 Hours


• No prerequisites.

• No materials distributed.

• No formal assessments required.

• No formal assessments required.

28 Lessons

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Corporate Law and the Nature of Law
2 mins
Lecture 1.1: Fundamentals of Corporate Law & Corporate Governance
free preview
3 mins
Lecture 1.2: Statutory Legislative Law
4 mins
Lecture 1.3: Common Equity Law
4 mins
Lecture 1.4: Tort Civil Law
Unit 2: Application of Law to Business Enterprise and Contract Law
1 min
Lecture 2.1: Application of Law to Business Enterprise
free preview
3 mins
Lecture 2.2: Essential Elements of a Contract
4 mins
Lecture 2.3: Offer and Acceptance
2 mins
Lecture 2.4: The Terms of the Contract: Express and Implied Terms
3 mins
Lecture 2.5: Terms of the Contract: Clauses
3 mins
Lecture 2.6: Misrepresentation and Conduct
5 mins
Lecture 2.7: Performance and Breach of Contract
Unit 3: Insolvency & Consumer Law and Enterprise & Business Structures
3 mins
Lecture 3.1: Insolvency Law
free preview
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