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Business Model Canvas 101 - Masterclass

——   Created by Emad Saif

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In this course, you will learn how to organize, articulate and implement business ideas using the business model canvas which was created by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in their top seller book " Business Model Generation ". This tool is considered the world's leading tool in creating and analyzing business models. Instead of starting with a complex business plan, you will learn how to easily sketch out your ideas visually and articulate them in a language anybody can understand.

Business Model Canvas 101 will:

  • Explain clearly how to use the business model canvas tool
  • Explain how to apply the tool and start your very own business model today
  • Engage you with colorful visual content instead of bullet points
  • Deepen your knowledge using real examples like Airbnb, Flicker and others
  • Test your knowledge with short fun quizzes and challenges
  • Answer your questions using the active discussion board
  • Gain access to all the downloadable resources & instructions you need

At the end of the course you will be a business model pro, with the knowledge of creating and analyzing business modes, and the confidence to articulate them to anyone!

The course project

Create your own business model canvas for your business idea!

After understanding the 9 building blocks, you can download the business model canvas in pdf or power point format from the resources section. You can start sketching your business model canvas brick by brick as explained in the video.

You goal would be to create the best guess of the assumptions about your business that needs validation. From there you can keep updating the business model canvas and pivoting your business model until you reach a business model fit.

Good luck!

21 Lessons

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6 mins
Business Models
free preview
6 mins
Business Model Canvas
5 mins
Customer Segments
5 mins
Value Proposition
5 mins
5 mins
Customer Relationships
5 mins
Revenue Streams
5 mins
Key Resources
4 mins
Key Activities
5 mins
Key Partnerships
3 mins
Cost Structure
4 mins
4 mins
Using the Canvas
5 mins
Story Telling
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Emad  Saif
Emad Saif
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Emad Saif is an educator, entrepreneur and engineer all in one! He specialize in entrepreneurship education and training and currently lectures at Qatar University. He …

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