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Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus

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Videos on a third course in calculus (Multivariable Calculus).

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7h 58m
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This course involves a study of functions of two or more variables using the principles of calculus, vector analysis, and parametric equations. This is the third course of the calculus sequence required of engineering, physics, and mathematics majors. This course contains a series of video tutorials that are broken up in various levels. Each video builds upon the previous one. 

This course contains a series of video tutorials that are broken up into various levels. Each video builds upon the previous one. Level I videos lay out the theoretical frame work to successfully tackle on problems covered in the next videos. 

These videos can be used as a stand along course or as a supplement to your current Calculus III class.  

This course is consistently being populated with new videos. This course is for anyone who wants to fortify their understanding of calculus III or anyone that wishes to learn calculus III can benefit from this course. This course is consistently monitored ready to reply to any questions that may arise.

48 Lessons

12 mins
(Level 1) | Basics
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11 mins
(Level 2) | Equations
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11 mins
(Level 3) | Planes, Cylinder
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11 mins
(Level 4) | Midpoint, Distance Formula
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11 mins
(Level 5) | Sphere Equation
11 mins
(Level 6) | Distance Formula Examples
7 mins
(Level 7) | Sphere Examples I
10 mins
(Level 8) | Sphere Examples II
9 mins
(Level 9) | Sphere Examples III
12 mins
(Level 10) | Graphing Inequalities
9 mins
(Level 1) | Basics
11 mins
(Level 2) | Standard Position, Component Form
10 mins
(Level 3) | Examples
12 mins
(Level 4) | Vector Arithmetic - Geometric
11 mins
(Level 5) | Vector Arithmetic Examples I
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