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Calligraphy Carolingian-style

——   Created by Mary-Jane Roussel

A great calligraphy style for beginners or for more advanced calligraphers

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1h 21m
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More about this course

Whether you’re just starting out in calligraphy or you already have some pen-and-ink experience and you just want to add another style to your repertoire, this course is perfect for you!

The Carolingian style of calligraphy is one that isn’t “scary”, as the letterforms are similar to those that we read and write every day. There’s good reason for that, as you’ll find out in the section that talks of the historical aspect.

Calligraphy Carolingian-Style” is packed with exercises and pdf’s to print.  Two projects are included for you to do, just to help you get really comfortable with the letters.

The course project

Two different projects are included:

  • The first is a set of greeting cards that you can personalise with your newly acquired Caroline-calligraphy skills.
  • The second is a short text written in a spiral.

20 Lessons

2 mins
Caro1 what's in store
3 mins
Caro3 tech info
5 mins
Caro4 characteristics
3 mins
Caro5 desk set up tools
4 mins
Caro6 tools
7 mins
Caro7 method
6 mins
Caro8 downstroke letters
4 mins
Caro9 downstroke II
4 mins
Caro10 round letters 1
3 mins
Caro11 round letters 2
4 mins
Caro12 diag letters
5 mins
Caro13 pangram
8 mins
Caro14 pangram centred
6 mins
Caro15 sampler
5 mins
Caro16 cards
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About the instructor

Mary-Jane Roussel

Hello. Allow me introduce myself: my name is Mary-Jane Roussel. I’m Canadian -- and French! I come from the Kawarthas (in Ontario) and live in …

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