Calling for help Using Wireless Emergency Alerts

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Emergency Action Plans

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This class is designed for students from teens to the elderly. It is intended to inform students about the emergence of Wireless Emergency Alert software, and why it is becoming so critical. The class will explore the historical, legal, and medical forces that have driven this development, and how it is now a global phenomenon. Students will be introduced to three companies leading the development of wireless alerts, their strengths, and weaknesses. 

7 Lessons

Wireless Emergency Alerts and Emergency Action Plans
6 mins
OSHA, Medical Needs, and Legislation Driving the Change
8 mins
OSHA Requirements for Emergency Planning
7 mins
High Performance CPR and the Need for Early Response
9 mins
Wireless Emergency Alerts
Companies and Technology Emerging To Meet the New Requirements
8 mins
Review of Two Companies Providing Wireless Emergency Alerts
6 mins
Review of the Third and Most Comprehensive Company Providing Wireless Emergency
Course Summary and Review
4 mins
Course Summary and Conculsion

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Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson
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Arthur Jackson is the CEO of Arthur Jackson CTC Inc. and has worked extensively in the medical field as a medical technician with doctors in …

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