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Capital Budgeting

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This module will teach you how to budget and forecast. This course is intended to familiarize people with the process of budgeting and forecasting as well as to train them for it. Budgeting is vital in all companies, so this can help them succeed in their careers. This course will cover the basics of capital budgeting, such as how to determine Net Present Values and which methodology should be used in project evaluations, as each strategy has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Any business must manage its finances and keep track of its earnings. To put it another way, before starting a project, its financial feasibility should be measured. This course will help you in this endeavor. If budgeting is done properly, it has a range of benefits. Understanding and contributing to the budgeting process will make you a more valuable employee or company owner. Budgeting encourages collaboration, communication, and quality growth. This course will explain capital budgeting fundamentals, including how to measure Net Present Values as well as which approach should be used in project assessments, as each method has its own set of drawbacks and benefits.

58 Lessons

3 mins
3 mins
Budgeting environment part 1
4 mins
Budgeting environment part 2
2 mins
Budgeting environment part 3
6 mins
Master budget part 1
2 mins
Master budget part 2
6 mins
Master budget part 3
5 mins
Principles and concept of costing
6 mins
Direct cost and indirect cost
4 mins
Overhead allocation
7 mins
Cost structure of a company part 1
6 mins
Cost structure of a company part 2
4 mins
Dividing the cost
4 mins
Calculating indirect cost
4 mins
Allocating indirect cost
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