Chakras 101

——   Created by Tracy Una Wagner

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Have you heard about these things called Chakras and want to know more?

Curious about your Energy Body and how it works with your Physical Being?

Wonder what Sanskrit, Mudras, and Yantras are?

Would you like to work on a Spiritual level to create a more balanced and transformative life?

In this course we will delve into these subjects and SO much more

Tracy will lead you on a gentle nurturing journey to discover, maybe for the first time, your very own 'wheels of light' called Chakras. And in this course we will focus our attention on Your Original 7 Chakras that are within your Subtle Energy Body.

Your Original 7 Chakras correlate to your different aspects of your physical well being while you are here on the Physical Plane. And when you know what they are and how to work with them you can have major shifts that help you understand yourself on a whole new level!

With a light-hearted and fun approach we'll cover such topics as:

The History of Chakras, The 411 & Orientation of Each Chakra, Color Theory, Energy Healing, Modalities, Tools, and other fascinating information

You'll learn to create an Energy Detection Device, and How to Perform an Energy Scan among other things.

You will also receive a Gift Pack full of goodies to further your journey of learning about and working with Your Original 7 Chakras

Welcome! I look forward to greeting you inside!

The course project

Learn to make a tool that detects energy - Dowsing Rods 

*Scroll Down to the Bottom of the Page For Your Downloadable Free Bonus Gift Pack* 

ScreenShots of Items Needed, Instructions For Making Your Dowsing Rods, and How To Use Your Dowsing Rods are from 'Lesson 14: What Is Energy' - There is a Video within 'Lesson 14: What Is Energy' that walks you through the creation and use of a working set of dowsing rods in case you'd like to watch instead.

I'd Love to See Your Set of Dowsing Rods - Pictures Would Be Great

30 Lessons

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Rainbows inside us
Introduce yourself
Some history of Chakras
What is Sanskrit?
Sanskrit and Yantra Chakra meanings
Your wheels of light
Early Western philosophy
Yoga and Chakras
Meditation and Chakras
Energy healing and Chakras
What is energy?
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About the instructor

Hello, I'm Tracy - Transpersonal Energy System Guide | Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist | Paranormal Researcher | Angel Guide | Mystical Shaman | Author | Animal Advocate. Tracy was born and raised in a Metaphysical home where stories of paranormal phenomena, clairvoyant experiences, and superhuman feats were the talk at the …

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