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Character Design Crash Course: Designing Kids

——   Created by Melissa Lee

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Welcome to Character Design Crash Course, a series of illustration classes meant for beginning cartoonists or intermediate character artists looking for a refresher. In this course, I focus on how to draw kids of all ages, from new born babies to young adults. I’ll go over some of my greatest inspirations, all of the different tips and tricks I use to age a character up or down, what qualities in kids make them look young and which of these qualities you can exaggerate in cartooning, and finally, I’ll demonstrate my process for designing and illustrating a young character.

A couple of things before you start...

If you’re a beginner and you haven’t taken any of my other Character Design Crash Courses, I recommend that you at least check out Dynamic Design in Four Steps before watching this class. I go over the fundamentals of character design in a lot more detail in that course, whereas in this one, I really focus on taking those principles learned previously and applying them to designing kids.

You can do everything I'm going to demonstrate in this class traditionally, but if you do want to work digitally (I use Procreate in this class), some beginning knowledge and experience with the digital drawing program of your choice is likely necessary.

The course project

To design and illustrate a kid character. The age is up to you!

Optional Challenge: Draw two or three kids of differing ages.

Note: Please post a class project by clicking "Create Project" to the right of this page. If you post under the Discussions tab, it could get lost in the shuffle! :)



6 Lessons

2 mins
8 mins
What Makes a Character Look Young?
9 mins
6 mins
Drawing a Baby
9 mins
Drawing a Teenager
2 mins
Thank You + Class Project

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Melissa Lee
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Hi! My name's Melissa Lee, and I'm an illustrator and surface designer living in the hilly forests of Northern California. Alongside doing freelance and art …

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