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Character Design for Beginners - Create Your First Character

——   Created by Alexandra Gábor

Learn the Basics of Character Design - From Drawing and Design to Digital Illustration Using Procreate on iPad

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2h 26m
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Welcome to the Welcome to the Character Design for Beginners - Create Your First Character class!

Throughout this class I will carefully guide you through a 15 step process which will take you from an empty page to a full illustration like the one you can see on the course image.

In this class you will learn strategies and skills you can apply to your own illustration practice:

- You will be able to come up with your own characters.

- You will be able to create powerful silhouettes.

- You will be able to add eye catching features.

- You will be able to use harmonious colors.

- You will be able to create balanced design and great compositions.

- You will be able to set mood with light and shadow.

and most importantly, you will be able to tell a story.

Because what is illustration about? Storytelling.

In this class, as I am going to use the iPad Pro and Procreate, it is recommended to have these tools and have a basic knowledge of the program, however comment on everything and leave detailed notes so that you can work along with me easily. You can also use different programs, like Photoshop, but then you will need to adjust the steps for yourself.

Regarding the artistic background, this course is perfect for beginners. So if you are at the beginning of your illustration journey, you are at the right place either you are willing to take this as a professional path or if you are taking it as a hobby.

The skills you will learn in this course will open so many doors for you, not just by leveling up your technical skills, but by changing your mindset about approaching a project.

So, hopefully after this course, there will be no stress and unnecessary procrastination about an artwork you need to create for somebody, or for any of your personal projects.

The best thing about this course is that by the end of it, you will be able to create a full illustration like this – how amazing is that!

So if you are ready to start, let’s get into it!

Level up your illustration game TODAY!

21 Lessons

3 mins
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9 mins
A Few Words About The Class
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9 mins
Find Inspiration
6 mins
Create a Mindmap
5 mins
Understand Shape Language
9 mins
Choose a Shape
6 mins
Play With Silhouettes
4 mins
Choose a Form
11 mins
Define Main Features
9 mins
Explore Features
10 mins
10 mins
Compose The Scene
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About the instructor

Alexandra Gábor

Alexandra Gábor, THE ARTMOTHER, is a professional Art Teacher, Artist and Graphic Designer. "I believe in creative and practical teaching and I am hoping for …

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