Charcoal Drawing Basics | For Beginners

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Hey guys!

My name is Braden and I am a charcoal artist. I have made many tutorial videos on how to draw with charcoal on YouTube, but I wanted to offer exclusive tutorial classes where I can teach my techniques and have them analyzed and critiqued by my students.

In this free class, we are going over charcoal types and differences, the necessary tools you will need, and the specific paper that I have found works best for my drawing approach. We will then cover the elements of drawing as they apply to the charcoal medium, and more specifically to the 3 layered method.

If you find yourself enjoying this class, then you will love our 'step by step drawing tutorial' classes that I will be uploading to Arbington in the near future. Links to all of the tools are listed below. Follow along at your own pace and remember to have fun :)

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Tools you will need***

Mix media paper -

Charcoal Pencils -

Art Glove -

Sport wristband -

Graphite Pencils -

Sandpaper stick & Smudgers (multiple sizes) -

brush -

Mono Zero Erasers (with refills) -

Razor -

The course project

After every lesson, use the techniques that you have learned to create your own pieces and share them with us! 

8 Lessons

2 mins
3 mins
Charcoal types and differences
8 mins
Tools you will need for charcoal drawing
2 mins
Paper you will need for charcoal drawing
10 mins
Understanding shape in charcoal drawing
9 mins
Understanding form in charcoal drawing
10 mins
Understanding line in charcoal drawing
10 mins
Understanding value in charcoal drawing

About the instructor

Messer Creations

Hello! My name is Braden Messer, and I am a charcoal artist. I teach a unique charcoal application technique that I call “The 3 Layered …

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