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Circuit Design and Simulation: Electronic & Microcontroller

——   Created by Ashraf Said

Enter the world of 3D Circuit Design and Simulation and have fun learning and teaching Electronics and Microcontroller

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2h 39m
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More about this course

Welcome to this course.

You will get the chance to learn:

  • 3D Electronic design and simulation
  • Exploring different electronic elements and getting to watch them as they receive different signal.
  • Test different situation and circuit condition and explore the possibility of each element before real life testing.
  • Watch items explode when they receive excessive current! such are Leds and resistors
  • Edit, wire and add different electronic elements
  • Learn how to use Breadboard in real life and in Simulation environment
  • Learn how to use RGB Leds in real life and in Simulation environment
  • Series and Parallel Circuits with Practical Example
  • Arduino Digital/Analog Input/Output
  • Arduino Serial Monitor Simulation
  • 3D simulation of different electronic elements
  • 3D wiring of real life circuits inside a simulation platform
  • Measurement of different electrical signals such as voltage, current, temperature, light, digital and analog.
  • Arduino programming and Simulation without coding using Blocks
  • Arduino programming with coding
  • Microcontroller programming and Simulation without coding using Blocks
  • Microcontroller programming with coding

What You Will learn in This Course

  • Why it is helpful to simulate and design in 3D
  • Sign Up for the FREE Simulation Platform
  • User Interface Introduction
  • Design and Simulate ON/OFF Led Circuit
  • Design and Simulate ON/OFF Switches Circuits
  • Design and Simulate Microcontroller Systems
  • Design and Simulate Arduino Boards
  • Program without coding using Blocks
  • Design and Simulate Simple Led Fading Circuits
  • Design and Simulate Simple RGB Led Circuit
  • Design and Simulate Poteniometer Circuits

This will be a journey of a life time for everyone looking for a new vision in Engineering Simulation, easy to use and really helpful software will be introduced.

18 Lessons

Introduction & Getting Started
4 mins
6 mins
Who We Are
free preview
2 mins
Create Your FREE Account
8 mins
Explaining the Interface and Simulating your First Circuit
Dealing with Electronic Components
7 mins
Editing Components
7 mins
Wiring Components
8 mins
Adding Components
Breadboard and RGB Leds
16 mins
Breadboard and RGB Leds
Ohm's Law
11 mins
Ohm's Law explained with Practical Example
Series and Parallel Circuits
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About the instructor

Ashraf  Said
Ashraf Said

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My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I love learning new skills, and since 2007 have been teaching people like you everything I know. …

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