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Classic full PEDICURE (traditional and permanent nail polish)

——   Created by Kristina Bagrova

pedicure with two options: traditional nail polish and permanent nail polish which is similar to gel

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1h 36m
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This treatment is a part of European national esthetics universities theory and is examined in the end of studies diploma acquisition, so you can use it to practice and prepare for an exam. Otherwise, it is a great complete treatment which you can safely propose to your clients in a professional beauty salon.

In this course I will show you how to perform a classic pedicure where the dead skin (callus) on the feet soles is removed with callus shaver and foot file.

The skin around the toe nails (cuticles) will be properly pushed and trimmed with special cuticle nipper.

Demonstration of feet scrub and massage will be performed.

There will be two types of nail polish demonstrated- the traditional one, which is removed with acetone, and the gel polish or permanent one, which requires acetone (or other special removing product) as well, however is removed using a special technique.

A little bit about me:

My name is Kristina Bagrova and I come from Lithuania. I have been practising beauty treatments from 2009 when I started with the eyelash extensions and continued to improve by undertaking various further nail care and facial care or esthetics courses. I have collected a good base of knowledge which I am happy to share with you today.

22 Lessons

2 mins
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Pedicure Treatment
4 mins
Tools Needed
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2 mins
Feet Bath
2 mins
Removing Nail Varnish Leftovers
2 mins
Trimming the Nails
2 mins
Removing Any Dirt Leftovers and Applying Cuticle Softener
7 mins
Pushing the Cuticles and Trimming Them
4 mins
Creating Nail Shape
7 mins
Removing Callus (Hardened Skin) From the Soles
3 mins
Feet Scrub
3 mins
Feet Massage
2 mins
Cuticle Oil Application
4 mins
Polishing the Nail Plate With a Smooth File
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About the instructor

Kristina  Bagrova

Hello, my name is Kristina Bagrova and I come from Lithuania. I am a certified beautician specialized in permanent makeup and at the time of …

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