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Colored Pencil Lemon: A Multi-Medium Study, Class 2 of 3

——   Created by Daniela Mellen

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Colored Pencil “Painting” is a technique that uses layers upon layers of colored pencil The results aren’t your typical drawing, but instead a blend of pigment, similar to a wet paint blend. There are smooth layers that exude softness, natural shadows, and light. Even though the blends are soft gradients, there are no wet medium involved.

The painting is based on a sketch, which can be made using the downloadable Lemon Template. The template can be modified and altered and then layers are added. Pencil lessons follow, showing step-by-step instructions for coloring the leaves, lemons, and branch. Lastly, a Class Wrap Up Lesson offers some ideas for variations and gives a sneak peek at the upcoming Acrylic Lemon Class using the same Lemon Template. This is the second of three classes using that versatile template, Watercolor Lemon Template.

The course project

For your Class Project, create a pencil sketch of lemons on a branch, as shown using the downloadable Lemon Template. Add leaves and additional fruit to the template, as desired.

Begin coloring your design, using many layers of light colors, and sometimes, an unexpected color for contrast. Once your painting is complete, add an overall shadow to emphasize your image.

16 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
3 mins
Class supplies
free preview
5 mins
Variations on class supplies
free preview
3 mins
Using the template
5 mins
Coloring lemons dark
6 mins
Coloring lemons light
4 mins
Coloring the leaves - shading
3 mins
Coloring the leaves - lights
3 mins
Coloring the leaves - greens
3 mins
Coloring the leaves darks
4 mins
Adding contrast to the leaves
5 mins
Coloring the branch
2 mins
Coloring the branch dark
6 mins
Adding details
4 mins
Adding a shadow
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About the instructor

Daniela  Mellen

I live in coastal Florida and surrounded by plants, animals, marine life, and the warm sun - all things that inspire me.

I am drawn …

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