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Communicate Effectively, Impress others and Achieve Breakthrough Results

——   Created by Mayur Pangrekar

Quantum Leap in Your Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

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Do you have a dream?

I am sure all of you have a dream. What is your natural expectation after you have a dream? You want your dream to convert into reality. There is a long bridge between dream and reality. The name of this bridge is communication skills.

In this course, I will give you all the knowledge and techniques to make your “communication skills bridge” stronger. Communication skills are the most important personal skills you can ever develop for your success in career and life. Learn different aspects of communication such as connection of communication with your mind, self-talk, verbal, tonality, body language and listening.

In today’s world, you need to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences in a way that others understand it quickly and easily. People who can do this, come across as very confident to others and such people are very effective in getting what they want. This course covers 3 critical aspects of communication: speaking, listening and body language. It teaches you techniques for improving your confidence. With this course, you can manage your day-to-day tasks with confidence and ease. Communication skills are the skills you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

Next, you will understand how to create impactful messages with 8 C methods. We also discuss 10 improvement techniques such as 5W & 1H and 1PQ to get the desirable results. In this course, you will know in any communication scenario, what to do and why to do it in a very easy way through examples, so you remember easily. You will learn 5 powerful habits to develop your verbal communication skills. Ever wondered how to listen better? I will teach you effective tricks to use your gestures, eye contact and body language. Through this course, you will know effective ways to listen better. You will be equipped with 13 practical ideas to improve your results after communication.

Next, I will teach you 3 important aspects of body language P, E and F. Then, you will learn 4 techniques to improve your body language. The benefits you will get after this course are desirable results after communication, increased productivity and ability to manage difficult conversations. This course will help you if you want a promotion or want to find a new job or want to be more effective in your communication with colleagues and family. Explore this course and start succeeding in your career and life!

After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

1. Exude confidence during conversations

2. Express your thoughts and feelings assertively

3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses while communicating

4. Identify common errors in communication and rectify them

5. Differentiate between 5 levels of listening

6. Develop listening skills

7. Analyze your and other’s body language

8. Interpret other’s speaking style

9. Change your communication style to suit the situation

10. Simplify your speaking so it is easier to understand

11. Make effective presentations

12. Integrate verbal, tonality and body language in your communication

Each minute of this video course is created with your needs in mind. I know that you want to improve. I encourage you to buy this course. Start learning.

30 Lessons

8 mins
Three Things To Do To Get the Most From This Course
6 mins
Learn Why Should You Care About Communication Skills
free preview
7 mins
Fascinating Technique To Overcome Fear While Talking
8 mins
Power of Positive and How To Communicate Negative Message
free preview
4 mins
What Do You Tell Yourself – Internal Communication
10 Techniques To Improve Your Results Now
11 mins
Improvement Techniques 1 and 2 Clarity and Correctness
6 mins
Improvement Technique 3 – Be Courteous and Earn Respect
10 mins
Improvement Technique 4 – 5W and 1H Method for Completeness
free preview
8 mins
Improvement Technique 5 – Build Confidence in Listeners – Concreteness
8 mins
Improvement Technique 6 – Keep Listener’s Attention – Make Message Concise
4 mins
Improvement Technique 7 – Considerate – Build Relationships This Way
5 mins
Improvement Technique 8 – Be Coherent, Logical and Cons
6 mins
Improvement Technique 9 – Ask a Powerful Question
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About the instructor

Mayur Pangrekar

· Certified life coach, CCA, Canada, 2018

· Certified NLP coach practitioner, ICTA, Europe, 2020

· Corporate trainer

· Trained by Dr. Vivek …

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