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Complete Electrical Design Engineering Distribution Course

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Learn Everything About Electrical Distribution Design Using Autocad, Dialux And ETAP

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12h 59m
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"Ultimate Electrical Design Course Bundle" 

The only course which will help you to learn everything about distribution systems design including lighting design using Autocad and Dialux programs, wiring of electrical components, selection of breakers and fuses, design of single line diagram and riser of building, and more

First Course "Basics of Autocad"

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Starting Autocad and changing background
  • Drawing lines, circles, and rectangles in Autocad
  • Drawing polygon, polyline, and arc in Autocad
  • Drawing multiple lines in Autocad and adding text in Autocad
  • Extending lines, F-shortcuts, and selection in Autocad
  • Diminisions in Autocad
  • Multispiral line and MLD in Autocad
  • Block, explode, move and scale commands in Autocad
  • Rotate, mirror, and fillet commands in Autocad
  • Area calculation and adding a layer in Autocad
  • Drawing a fluorescent lamp in Autocad

Second Course "Complete Electrical Design Drawing using Autocad, Dialux, and Excel"

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Basics of Dialux program
  • Understanding the steps of electrical design
  • Design of the lighting systems using Dialux and Autocad programs
  • Wiring of luminaries, sockets, and switches in Autocad
  • Design of panel schedule for lighting and power circuits
  • Selection of circuit breakers and cables
  • Design of single line diagram of industrial and residential buildings

Third Course "Voltage Drop, Short Circuits Analysis, and Cables"

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by manual calculations
  • Calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by ETAP
  • Everything about cable selection.

If you've been looking for ONE COURSE with in-depth insight into electrical design, take this course.

79 Lessons

Basics of Lighting Design
5 mins
Introduction to Electrical Design Drawing
free preview
3 mins
Steps of Lighting Design
3 mins
Construction of Lighting Fixture
11 mins
Types of Filament Lamps
8 mins
Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Lamps
4 mins
High and Low Pressure Sodium Lamps
3 mins
High Pressure Mercury and Metal Halide Lamps
7 mins
Led Lighting
13 mins
Types of Luminaires
5 mins
Types of Diffusers
13 mins
What is Color Rendering Index Cri?
8 mins
Polar Curve of Luminaire Fixture
5 mins
What does it Mean When a Luminaire has Multiple Polar Curves?
5 mins
Color Temperature of a Lighting Fixture
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About the instructor

Ahmed  Mahdy
Ahmed Mahdy

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I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I have been an instructor for more than 5 years in electrical engineering, I have helped more …

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