Interpersonal Skills: Understanding Empathy

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Empathy is being able to see things from other people's perspective and being able to understand the emotions of others. It is important to be able to see past your own views, opinions and circumstances. Once you're willing to see other people's viewpoints and listen to their opinions, you'll be considered an empathetic communicator.

To be successful you have to work well with other people by

- understanding their views and opinions

- considering the impact that you have on them and the relationship

- building rapport 

We review what behaviours are seen in empathetic communication and explore a number of ways that you can improve your skills in developing relationships.

This class looks at communication using empathy and how you can develop more effective interpersonal skills by considering the impact of your actions on other people.

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The course project

Building empathy by determining emotions in other people.


Empathy involves the ability to read the behaviours and actions of others in order to understand that person's emotional state. How a person is feeling can be determined by looking at their non-verbal signals. Look out for these emotions on the TV, at work and at home.

The project looks at a range of different emotions getting you to identify how that emotion affects posture, facial expressions, the way the voice is used and the manner in which it is expressed through gestures.


  • An awareness of how different emotions are expressed in other people through their body language
  • Skills in determining emotions through observing non-verbal signals and body language
  • Insights about how you can recognise a personal emotional state to build empathy


  • Developing Empathy practical activity

Share with the class what you have learnt about body language through non-verbal signals and how you are using this to develop your empathy.

19 Lessons

Interpersonal Skills: Empathy
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Understanding Empathy - Learning Outcomes
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Defining Empathy
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Empathy and Sympathy - The Intelligence in Empathy
The Basic Anatomy of the Brain
The Way the Brain Works
The Way the Brain Works with Thinking
The Way the Brain Works with Empathy
The Neuroscience of Empathy
Some Ways of Demonstrating Empathy
The Messages in Non-Verbal Signals
Interpreting Some Non-Verbal Signals
The Three Types of Empathy
Some Difficulties Interpreting Expression of Emotion
Empathetic Listening
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