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Complete MATLAB Simulink for Electrical Power Engineering

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Learn how to implement power electronics circuits, electric circuits, electrical machines and more in MATLAB

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13h 01m
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We will explain those circuits which are from Ahmed Mahdy's course on power electronics.

As an example, you will learn the simulation using MATLAB of:

  1. Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier.
  2. Single-phase bridge controlled rectifier.
  3. Single-phase AC chopper with R and RL load.
  4. A DC-DC converter as buck regulator.
  5. Boost regulator.
  6. Buck-Boost regulator.
  7. Single-phase half-bridge inverter.
  8. Single-phase bridge inverter.
  9. Three Phase Inverter.

New lectures added:

You will learn simulation of PV cells in solar energy using the Simulink tool in MATLAB.

You will learn about separately excited DC Machines and how to:

  1. Model the DC machine in a no-load case using Simulink in MATLAB.
  2. Model the DC machine in presence of load torque using Simulink in MATLAB.
  3. 3Simulating the DC machine using the power library from Simulink in MATLAB.

You will learn about Induction motors as:

  1. Construction and principle of operation of induction motor.
  2. Torque-speed characteristics of induction motor.
  3. Equivalent circuit and power flow of induction motor.
  4. Simulation of induction motor using Simulink in MATLAB.

Thank you and hope to see you in our course for MATLAB :)

41 Lessons

Applications on Matrices in MATLAB
16 mins
Solving One Non Linear Equation in MATLAB Using Fzero Function
15 mins
Example 1 on Solving Multiple Non Linear Equations in MATLAB Using Fsolve
13 mins
Example 2 on Solving Multiple Non Linear Equations in Matlab Using Fsolve
25 mins
Application Multi Level Inverter Part 1
5 mins
Application Multi Level Inverter Part 2
Power Electronics Simulations Using Simulink in MATLAB
4 mins
Introduction to MATLAB Simulations Using Simulink
22 mins
Half Wave Uncontrolled Rectifier Principle of Operation
5 mins
Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Principle of Operation
26 mins
Simulation of Half Wave Controlled Rectifier In MATLAB
free preview
17 mins
Simulation of Bridge Controlled Rectifier in MATLAB
15 mins
AC Chopper with R Load Principle of Operation
11 mins
Simulation of AC Chopper with R and RL Loads in MATLAB
17 mins
Buck Regulator Principle of Operation Part 1
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Ahmed  Mahdy
Ahmed Mahdy

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I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I have been an instructor for more than 5 years in electrical engineering, I have helped more …

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