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Complete Solar Energy Course

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Learn How To Design And Install Solar Energy Systems With Step By Step Examples

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11h 42m
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Throughout the course you will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of solar energy
  2. Components and design of on-grid and off-grid solar systems
  3. Types and selection of solar modules
  4. Types of charge controllers and their selection techniques
  5. Types and selection of different solar inverters
  6. Selection of suitable tilt angle and shading effect in PV systems.
  7. Types and selection of batteries in solar energy systems.
  8. Design and components of the solar water pumping system
  9. Design of grounding or earthing system
  10. Design of single line diagram of the PV system using the Autocad
  11. Design of on and off-grid PV systems using the PVSyst program.
  12. Design of protection of PV system

55 Lessons

Course 1: Basics Of Solar Energy System
24 mins
Introduction To PV System Construction
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38 mins
Solar Heating, Solar Irradiation And Panels
5 mins
Effect of Insolation and Temperature on V-I Curve
16 mins
PV Installation, Short Circuit And Open Circuit Tests Using Avometer
23 mins
Solar Wires And Cables Installation Process
5 mins
Mounting Of PV System
15 mins
Shading and Tilt angle
26 mins
Half Cell Technology In PV System
4 mins
Importance of Charge Controller
14 mins
PWM And MPPT Charge Controllers
25 mins
Understanding More About MPPT Charge Controller
4 mins
Junction Box
6 mins
Wiring of Junction Box
56 mins
Function, Types And Data Sheet Of Inverter
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Ahmed  Mahdy
Ahmed Mahdy

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I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I have been an instructor for more than 5 years in electrical engineering, I have helped more …

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