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Comprehensive Cost Management

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Method of Cost Management & Example, Overview of Cost Accounting, Direct and Indirect Cost Accounting, Cost Estimation

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This course is designed for learners to become expert users of cost information. The ultimate objective of any business is supposed to be profitable and certainly, profit is a function of cost. The success of a business does not solely depend on its revenue but also more importantly on how a business manages its costs.

In this tutorial, you will learn the various types of costing methods. In this course, you will get a brief overview of what cost accounting is all about and how it is relevant in the organizational scenario. Then, we will talk about cost terms and purposes. Under the terms, you will learn the direct and indirect cost accounting, for example of the behavior of the cost, cost function & cost estimation, the high low method, an example of the high low method of cost. We'll walk you through the theory and practical examples used in different scenarios. You will understand the various aspects of the costing method.

You will see the cost terms and purposes and what cost accounting is all about and how it is relevant in the organizational scenario. Then we will look at the practical examples of cost. Further, this course is going to cover definitions, theories, examples. In this course, you will find great tools used in business that will aid the decision-making process. You will be able to identify and use important accounting information, identify and analyze various alternatives (projects, investments), and choose the best. Cost accounting will first measure and record the costs individually, then compare input costs to output results to aid in measuring financial performance and making future business decisions.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for finance students, managers, accountants or anyone who wants to upgrade their skill in the area of accounting and finance.
  • Learn this course if you want to understand the principles and concept of costing.
  • Take this course if you want to learn the various costing principles and methods.

44 Lessons

6 mins
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7 mins
Actual Costing Method
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9 mins
Normal Costing Method
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6 mins
What is Materiality?
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11 mins
Capacity Utilization
6 mins
Cost and Cost Objects
6 mins
Fixed Cost and Variable Cost
5 mins
Relevant Range
7 mins
Behavior of Cost Concepts
8 mins
Breakeven Analysis
5 mins
Margin of Safety
4 mins
Operating Income
7 mins
Cost Drivers
7 mins
Strategies of Cost Drivers
7 mins
Absorption Costing - Part 1
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