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Corporate Finance - Capital Budgeting & Investment Decisions

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Fundamentals of different techniques used in project evaluation (Payback, NPV, IRR) & their relative shortcomings

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1h 10m
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This course will help to clarify capital budgeting fundamentals, how to calculate Net Present Values, IRR. payback period and which method should be used in project evaluations as all methods have their shortcoming and advantages.

You will also learn what are the shortcomings of different methods apart from being able to calculate.

The course includes some formulas and examples, pls take out your calculators to practice those formulas.

We will be adding more videos based on your feedback and request of topics to learn, so take this course and give us your feedback/questions.

13 Lessons

2 mins
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10 mins
Basics of time & value of money
free preview
7 mins
NPV method meaning and decision rules
6 mins
Use & limitations of NPV
4 mins
Understanding sensitivity
3 mins
Payback period meaning and calculations
3 mins
Drawback of payback period method
5 mins
Demonstration of NPV and IRR calculation
8 mins
Case of multiple errors
12 mins
How to choose between mutually exclusive projects
6 mins
Choosing project with different life cycles
6 mins
Choosing projects in budget constraints
5 mins

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Hotel Management School

Hotel management school was established a year ago by young and professional hoteliers having a combined experience of over 20 years. 

Instructors have worked in prestigious hotel …

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