Corporate Finance - Working Capital Management

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Working capital is required for day to day function of the company. Positive working capital cost the company in terms of financing, hence managing it effectively is extremely important to enhance the overall value of the company.

In this course we will learn, what are key elements of working capital and how we can manage them. What are pro and cons of having too much working capital and too less working capital.

You will learn - policies and process of managing working capital elements such as Receivables, payables, inventory and cash.

15 Lessons

Introduction to Working Capital Management
What is working capital and what are the elements
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What are the benefits and costs of various elements
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Operating and cash conversion cycle with practical example
Cash conversion cycle of different companies
Working capital impact on company value
Understanding working capital requirements and different approaches in management
Trade Credit and Receivable Management
Understand trade credits in business
How do we manage receivables
Understanding how to change credit policies and evaluate the impact
Monitoring receivables
Payables Management
Payables management
Inventory Management Practices
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Hotel management school was established a year ago by young and professional hoteliers having a combined experience of over 20 years. 

Instructors have worked in prestigious hotel chains such as Shangri-La, Intercontinental in finance, operations, sales & marketing at director levels.

Classes were taught first in physical environment to test contents and take feedback …

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