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Craft an Inspiring Vision and Mission Statement

——   Created by Entrepreneur NOW, and Ken Burke

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Your business was likely born out of an audacious dream; vision and mission statements invite others to share that dream. Tools form this course will empower you to create vision and mission statements that inspire excitement. We provide strategies for articulating the lofty aims of the vision statement, the concrete components of the mission statement, and the philanthropic pledges of the social mission.

12 Lessons

2 mins
Demystifying Mission and Vision
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2 mins
Why Investors Care about Mission and Vision Statements
free preview
3 mins
What's a Vision Statement?
free preview
3 mins
What's a Mission Statement?
3 mins
Differences Between Mission and Vision Statements
1 min
Mission and Vision Best Practices
2 mins
Vision Statement Explained In Depth
2 mins
The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs
8 mins
Crafting Your Vision Statement
5 mins
Crafting Your Mission Statement
7 mins
Tips for Writing a Great Mission Statement
4 mins
Workshop - Create Your Vision and Mission Statements

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