Crafting for mindfulness: How to make cheap and easy beaded earrings

——   Created by Shanice Harrison

Create 3 different designs

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Hello, my name is Shanice and I am going to share some of my best kept secrets with you, from where I brought my beads to what to do if the loops you created aren't straight, whilst taking you through a fun beginner-level jewellery making class.

This class will show you how to make three different types of earrings using beads. With practice, each design will take you less than 10 minutes to make and can easily cost less than £5. I will also discuss the different tools and supplies you need.

I am a teacher so hopefully you will learn a thing or two!

Jewellery making is calm, stress-free and open to everyone, which makes it perfect for mindfulness. So pop your legs up, put on your favourite music playlist and join me for 30 minutes of crafting (and laughing).

The course project

For the class project, I want you to experiment with different beads and styles to create a pair of earrings suited to your taste. 

Shop around online for a range of beads and all of the necessary tools if you don't already have them:

  • Pliers
  • Headpins
  • Eyepins
  • Earring hooks

eBay is my personal favourite for beads but searching via Google will give you loads of options.

Please do share your designs as well. I love seeing people's creativity!

7 Lessons

Introduction To The Class
What You'll Need
Design 1 - Pearl Earring
Design 2 - Glass Earrings
Design 3 - 3 Bead Drop
Class Project Time!
Final Thoughts
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About the instructor

Hello, my name is Shanice and I'm from London. I taught myself how to make jewellery when I was 17 years old, then turned it into a business which I ran for a total of three years. It was extremely hard work and took me on a roller-coaster ride, but …

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