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Crafting Papers to Planter Sleeves

——   Created by cloudia david

A DIY guide to a home decor solution for your Indoor Plants.

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What is this course about?

This Course teaches an innovative DIY home decor solution for indoor plants using paper folding techniques by following a project based approach. The class Project involves creating a paper planter sleeve that uplifts the look of an indoor plant and also serves as a home decor element. All the related files required to finish the class project are provided.

Who has to take this course?

Anyone interested in making things on their own can take this course. This course is made keeping complete beginners with no knowledge in paper crafting in mind. Hence it covers all the basics of paper selection, scoring tools and techniques, the best practices for scoring, folding and glueing. The course introduces its students to the world of paper crafting.

What are the teaching methods used in this course?

This course is made with care to satisfy students who demand high quality content for their online learning needs. The lessons are short and crisp and delivers the required knowledge in an efficient manner by using Multiple camera angles to clearly demonstrate in different perspectives for a student to clearly understand the concept. The concept of paper scoring is explained using 3D animation for a beginner to understand better.

What Will You Get after Completion of this course?

  • A Hand made paper planter sleeve for your indoor plant that has a personal touch.
  • An Idea on paper crafting.
  • Develop an interest towards paper related crafts.
  • An Inspiration to develop products with paper.

Taking this class does not require any prior knowledge such as paper folding. If you like doing things yourself enrol now, and I hope to see you in the class.

The course project

The Class Project is to create a paper planter sleeve for your own indoor plants. Please find the required files in the .zip archive, Choose the one you like from the print options provided. Or you can also make a plain planter sleeve with just Plain white paper or the colour of your choice. Have Fun and do share a picture of what you have done. Thank you!

12 Lessons

1 min
materials required
2 mins
paper selection
free preview
11 mins
preparing the template
3 mins
what is scoring
free preview
4 mins
scoring the template
free preview
4 mins
folding the template
7 mins
glueing the template
1 min
installing the planter sleeve
1 min
scoring best practices
free preview
1 min
folding best practices
1 min
glueing best practices
1 min

About the instructor

cloudia david
cloudia david
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I am a product designer and a 3d artist. I Specialize in organic texturing, digital sculpting and digital painting. I enjoy creating photorealistic 3d models …

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