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Crash course on e-commerce security & e-commerce fraud

——   Created by Prakash Prasad

Create, Test and Secure your online / ecommerce business from frauds and cyber attacks.

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1h 29m
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Creating your own online store for free is easy, with this course. It will also teach you the common e-commerce frauds and how to detect and prevent them. You can scan for security risks using open-source tools. You will also understand the legal issues involved in e-commerce fraud.

What you will learn: 

  • Create your own online store
  • Know the common types of fraud
  • Ecommerce fraud prevention
  • Scan for security risk

8 Lessons

1 min
Highlights of Ecommerce
free preview
6 mins
introduction and types of ecom
free preview
8 mins
ecommerce seo
17 mins
ecommerce demo
33 mins
ecommerce webite vulunerability and security risk scanning demo
8 mins
basic term ecom
14 mins
ecom fraud
7 mins
ecom fraud prevention


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Prakash Prasad
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