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Create a 3D Car Racing Game with THREE.js and CANNON.js

——   Created by Nicholas Lever

Use the CANNON.js physics library and the WebGL library, THREE.js, to easily create a car racing game.

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2h 10m
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More about this course

  • You need to know basic Javascript.
  • The tools required are a good text editor and optionally a 3D application program that exports FBX files such as Blender.

Creating a car racing game that works in a browser including mobile devices has never been easier. Using the two Open Source libraries THREE.js and CANNON.js this course takes you through the steps you will need to know and builds towards a complete car racing game. On the way you will learn

  1. How to setup your development environment
  2. How to access free and low cost assets to use in your game.
  3. How to edit those assets to work with the THREE.js and CANNON.js libraries.
  4. How to use THREE.js to add 3D to an HTML page.
  5. The basics of THREE.js lights, cameras and meshes.
  6. The basics of the CANNON.js library, including rigid bodies.
  7. How to debug your physics either using the CannonDebugRenderer or using the CannonHelper class created by the author. Both are included in the resources for the course.
  8. How to use the CANNON.RayCastVehicle class to add a car with suspension and fully working wheels.
  9. How to apply your own assets to the RayCastVehicle and add colliders so it bumps into your content.
  10. How to add a responsive GUI to the game

The course includes the assets for car racing game as shown in the course image and promo video. The author has won awards for the 3D games he has produced. Learn from an expert who has been creating games for over 30 years. The game we'll develop allows the player to choose from optional, body, engine, exhaust and wheels. It involves driving a remote controlled car around a garden track

It's a great way to improve your JavaScript skills along the way. All code uses the latest ES6 style, using classes throughout.  

Who this course is for:
  • If you are interested in developing 3D games that work in the browser including on mobile devices.
  • If you are interested in learning how physics engines work while creating a fun game.
  • If you want to know how to add a responsive GUI to your game.

29 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
4 mins
Setting up a Web Server
free preview
4 mins
3D basics
4 mins
How to get your assets
4 mins
Using Blender
Introducing THREE.js
2 mins
The THREE.js website
11 mins
Your first 3D app
5 mins
The FBXLoader class
Introducing CANNON.js
3 mins
The CANNON.js website
13 mins
CANNON.js basics
4 mins
More about rigid bodies
7 mins
Debugging your physics
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Nicholas Lever
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