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Create a Dojo Background for Animation in Photoshop

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Learn how to apply the Animankenstein Formula by creating a Background for the Ninja Animation

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In this course, you will learn how I created the Dojo for the little animation of the Ninja KicksAnimation in 5 steps.

This course was created to teach you how to create a background in Photoshop.

The 5 steps are:

1. Create the texture of the floor. Not from the correct camera angle, but from the top view, so we can add texture and some shading. We will create a flat image.

2. Then, we put that floor with texture in perspective, so it looks as if it was 3D. This is accomplished by control+clicking the corners and move the perspective points of the image.

3. Then we will create the top of the Dojo. That is easy, we will just use a duplicate of the texture we used for the ground and use it on top.

4. Then we will create the Doors and the Wall. We will use the reference and use the same pattern used for the Japanese Doors, copying the texture and the shadows.

5. And finally we will create an effect as if the light was pouring in from the outside into the inside of the Dojo.

If you already know how to use Photoshop, then you don't have to take this course, you can just check the trailer and check the 2-minute tutorial at the beginning of the trailer.

But if you don't have much experience and you are a beginner who is learning how to produce images in Photoshop, then this course is for you.

Inside I explain each one of the steps in detail.

So, if you are a beginner, enroll now, and I will see you inside :)

8 Lessons

2 mins
3 mins
Setting the Workspace
4 mins
Importing the Character
21 mins
Step 1 Creating the Texture of the Ground
3 mins
Step 2 Adding Perspective to the Ground
5 mins
Step 3 Creating the Top of the Dojo
19 mins
Step 4 Adding the Japanese Doors
3 mins
Step 5 Adding Light

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