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Create a Unique Competitive Advantage for Your Business

——   Created by Entrepreneur NOW, and Ken Burke

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What do you offer your audience that no one else can? Defining your unique competitive advantage is the foundation of a successful business launch. This course equips you with a framework for identifying your company's unique competitive advantage, from surveying the competitive landscape to pinpointing what sets you apart.

9 Lessons

5 mins
Unique Competitive Advantage Explained
3 mins
Unique Competitive Advantage - Company Examples
1 min
How to Determine Your Unique Competitive Advantage
2 mins
Step 1 - Evaluate Your Strengths
3 mins
Step 2 - Evaluate Your Competitive Landscape
5 mins
Step 3 - Identify Your Unique Competitive Advantage
2 mins
Step 4 - Test Your Unique Competitive Advantage
2 mins
Common Mistakes
3 mins
Workshop - Unique Competitive Advantrage In Action

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Entrepreneur NOW

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