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Create Beautiful Color Palettes with Ease

——   Created by Kimma Smith

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Do you worry about color choices in your watercolor paintings? Color choices can seem so hard when we have hundreds to choose from. How do you narrow them down? What if they look terrible together?

When you’re using watercolor, you can’t just paint over it like you can with acrylic and oil paints. So, making color choices with watercolor can feel even more precious and restricting and fearful.

I’ve discovered a way to completely rid myself of all of my color fears. This process brings me so much delight and joy. It feels playful and free, and I have discovered so many gorgeous new and exciting color palettes to use in my paintings that I wouldn’t have thought of if not for my color blocks practice.

Join me as I show you my process for choosing colors (I actually don’t make the choices myself at all!), preparing our watercolor paper, and finally the fun part… painting our blocks! I will show you how to create color blocks that are alive with color, movement, and luminous depth!

Benefits of creating Color Blocks:

  • They are sure to inspire you
  • They help you to get to know and understand your watercolors better which builds your color confidence
  • They help you to discover exciting new limited color palettes
  • They are easy to do and so are great for those times when you want to paint but maybe are feeling uninspired and unmotivated
  • They are meditative and so are a great tool to reduce stress and anxiety
  • They are just plain gorgeous, and you can hang them all around your studio (or wherever you paint) for some pretty eye candy

The course project

1. Create 1-3 color blocks and upload them to the class under the Projects & Resources tab. I can't wait to see your Color Blocks!! :) 

2. Please make sure to let us know what four colors you used in your color blocks. 

*I'd be super grateful if you would leave a review, and I'd love to hear any feedback in the comments as well.

Bonus: Everyone who uploads their color blocks in the project tab will receive a FREE downloadable art print of their choice from me. You can check out my Etsy shop to see which print you would like. 

Please send me an email at [email protected] to let me know you uploaded your color block/s to the class. 

8 Lessons

2 mins
4 mins
A Peek at My Color Blocks
5 mins
5 mins
Decide Now App - Choosing Our Colors
7 mins
Setting Up Paper & Mixing Palette
15 mins
Painting Our Blocks
12 mins
Traditional Color Block
9 mins
The Big Reveal

About the instructor

Kimma Smith
Kimma Smith
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Hi, I'm Kimma Smith ~ I’m a self-taught artist and am head-over-heels in love with watercolor and mixed media. I'm inspired by nature, color, and …

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