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Create & Design a Modern Interior in Blender 2.8

——   Created by Stephen Pearson

Learn how to design a realistic interior in Blender 3D!

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5h 08m
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Are you looking to learn how to design realistic interior renders in Blender? Are you struggling on getting your materials to look real? In this course we will be creating a modern interior in Blender from start to finish. I will be showing you step by step on how to model the room, texture it, add in professionally made models and more. 

In the first section we discuss the basics of interior design. We talk about color schemes and why certain colors go well together. In the next section we start creating the room by modeling it and getting the dimensions just right. We will also learn about the Archimesh addon and how to easily add in a window.

After that, we move onto materials and models. You will learn how to model and texture a modern couch and how to simulate a blanket falling down on it. In this course I am giving away 15 different professionally made models in which we use to fill up our scene.

The last section we focus on the camera and getting the right position and depth of field. Once the render is finish we jump right into the compositor and make the render stand out! What about a night time version of the render? Yup, there is also a video on that. We will learn how to light the scene properly and add in some volumetrics to create a cool effect!

As a bonus section we will also render the scene using Eevee! In this section you will learn all about how Eevee works, how to bake lighting and how to render an interior the right way using this render engine.

If you are looking to get into architecture visualization and rendering or you just want to improve your Blender skills over all, this course is for you! I have structured it so that beginners or advanced Blender users can follow along easily. To get started Click that enroll button and jump right in! 

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You are free to use the models provided in this course for personal or commercial use but you are NOT allowed to sell or give the models away.

I look forward to seeing what you create!



41 Lessons

2 mins
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14 mins
Blender Basics
free preview
4 mins
Starting an Interior Scene
5 mins
Setting Dimensions
6 mins
Adding the window
13 mins
Creating the blinds
5 mins
Lighting the scene
9 mins
Wood Floor Material
10 mins
Wall & Other Details
14 mins
Modeling the Couch
8 mins
Simulating the Blanket
8 mins
Couch Fabric Material
6 mins
Setting the Scale Correct
4 mins
Coffee Table & Rug
8 mins
Modeling the Bookshelf
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Stephen Pearson
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