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Create your own Photoshop brush

——   Created by Peter Nagy

Use reference photos to create your own brush set for digital art

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More about this course

What do you need for the course?

In this course I've used Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuos tablet.

/any type of tablet will fine which can use pen pressure/

In the end of this course you will get the knowledge to create leaf brushes in Photoshop.

If you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create your own autumn leaf brushes! 

The course project

Structure of the course

  • Using reference pictures to find the best samples for the leaves 
  • Drawing shapes for the brush
  • Creating simple brush
  • Brush settings, dynamics, texture etc.
  • Creating a quick painting with using the new brushes.

In this course you will get another art PSD from me!

6 Lessons

11 mins
01 - Dry and desaturated leaves
7 mins
02 - Lengthwise leaves
4 mins
03 - Reddish leaf brush
4 mins
04 - Big leaf brush
4 mins
05 - Creating grass brush
8 mins
06 - Quick painting test

About the instructor

Peter Nagy
Peter Nagy
  • 3 courses

Hello everyone. My name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D 

I work as motion …

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