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Create Movies API Using Laravel

——   Created by Mustafa Alawi

Build Movies API Using Laravel From Scratch

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In this course you'll learn how to create a complete Movies API from scratch in Laravel that is capable of creating, retrieving, updating and deleting movies from the database. The process has never been easier. I'll take you from the very beginning stages of downloading Laravel till the last steps of Building an API in Laravel.

Create Movies API using Laravel:

API stands for application programming interface. I'll use Laravel framework to build a complete movies API. If you've good understanding & experience in PHP & MySql then this course is for you. Laravel is a framework based off of PHP so instead of creating your PHP code, which would take a lot of time and effort, you will be able to use the power of Laravel to create an API. Laravel has made the process utterly simple because Laravel is based on the MVC concept which makes your code clean,easy to use & debug. Moreover, Laravel provides many features that would be hard to create by just using php alone. APIs are an essential part of advanced web application. Learning how to develop one will put you on the right track to have an outstanding career in Back-end Web Development. The Back-end part of web development is usually underestimated by the beauty of what front-end developers can do, however, you need to remember that without the Back-end side of the web, the whole process would be meaningless and probably fall apart!

Finally, learning a commonly used framework like Laravel will put your feet at the door of any potential employer & you'll be desired to be hired by many companies and start-ups.

Some of What you will learn in Build Movies API in Laravel :

  • How to download Laravel & Create New Project.
  • How to create Movie Model.
  • How to create Movies migrations & factory.
  • Create the database.
  • Create & design your database tables.
  • Filling up your tables with data quickly.
  • RESTful APIs in Laravel.
  • How to create Movies controller.
  • How to get a movie by id.
  • How to get all movies from your database.
  • Update data related to a specific movie
  • Delete a movie from your database.
  • Handling errors.
  • Response codes.
  • API versioning.
  • And Much Much More!

53 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
3 mins
who is this course for
free preview
2 mins
why laravel
free preview
3 mins
whice IDE to use
2 mins
sequelPro & PhpMyAdmin
5 mins
Installing xampp mac
3 mins
xampp tour
4 mins
install composer mac
2 mins
Install xampp windows
2 mins
Install Composer windows
3 mins
creating the project BOTH Mac&Win
5 mins
project structure
3 mins
what is an api
5 mins
basice api emplyee1
3 mins
basic api employee2
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Mustafa Alawi
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