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Create Quick & Easy YouTube Shorts Videos with Canva

——   Created by Shelia Huggins

A Step-by-Step Course

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In this class you'll learn how to make short vertical videos using Canva and Canva Pro. While these videos can be uploaded to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, this class is tailored for YouTube shorts.

YouTube shorts are vertical videos that are less than 60 seconds. An introduction to YouTube shorts is provided in one of the class lessons. They can be uploaded from your phone or computer. In this class, you'll become familiar with the process of creating short videos, adding animation, formatting text, and learning about the templates available on Canva. And finally, the class will focus on using the phone to create short videos so that you can work on your video projects no matter where you are.

Specifically, you will learn the following:

  • How to create videos that meet the YouTube shorts criteria
  • How to use templates to make videos quickly
  • How to use animation to make videos that stand out and keep people watching
  • How to time each video segment


While any skill level can take this course, it's helpful if you already have an understanding of how to edit video. You should also have a Canva account, free or paid. It would also be helpful if you have a minimal understanding of how to use Canva.


  • Course Introduction: Using Canva for YouTube Shorts
  • The Requirements for YouTube Shorts Videos
  • Getting Started with Canva: Free & Paid
  • Something Special About this Process
  • Breaking Down My Example YouTube Shorts Video
  • Three Video Excerpts/Example to Review
  • Creating the Videos
  • The Class Project
  • The Wrap

It's 2022, and it's important that you're able to create content and share it immediately.

The course project

For the class project, you should create a short video of 2-3 video pages using Canva. Try to be as creative as you want to be. Add text, graphics, photos, and videos to create the short video that works for you. Then share your video with the rest of the class participants.

11 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction to the Course Using Canva for YouTube Shorts
free preview
2 mins
Introduction to the Course Instructor for YouTube Shorts with Canva
free preview
1 min
The Requirements for YouTube Shorts
free preview
3 mins
Getting Started with Canva Free & Paid Versions
2 mins
Something Special You Should Know About this Process
5 mins
Breaking Down My Example
2 mins
Three Short Video Examples
11 mins
How to Create the Video
3 mins
Let's Talk About Timing
4 mins
Video Assignment
2 mins
Conclusion for YouTube Shorts with Canva Course

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