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Create Viral Content for Social Media

——   Created by Austin Luliano

Tips, Tricks, and Tactics Get More Engagement and Win

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I've created viral content on every platform and there is an art and a science behind creating content that goes viral. In this course you will learn:

  1. How the Algorithms & platforms work, so you can "beat the algorithm" and create content that dominates.
  2. How to engage the "viral content loop"
  3. The 4 elements in every viral advertisement
  4. The ingredients to creating highly engaging content 
  5. How to dominate a niche even if it's a competitive one
  6. What metrics to look at and what they tell us about the content
  7. We break down a couple of examples of viral-worthy content, analyzing why they work and what you can learn from them.
  8. Tools and Resources (Links below, some affiliate links)
  9. much much more.

If you are looking to win in social media then you 100% must have the very best content, content is king after all. This is the roadmap you can use to take over the throne and be called king (or queen) of your industry. 

The course project

Share your best piece of content and share the metrics. Watch and engage with other's content, sharing what you like and how you think they could improve.

Resource mentioned in the course:

Viral Videos Mentioned:

Dollar Shave Club


Low Budget Netflix Trailer

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliates. This won't make any program cost more and in many cases will save you money but it does help me as a course creator by supplementing my income as I receive a small commission. Thank you in advance if you decide to sign up.

12 Lessons

2 mins
How to create viral content
free preview
3 mins
How the algorithm works
free preview
2 mins
The viral content loop
free preview
3 mins
Viral sales made simple
3 mins
Styles of communication
3 mins
Building your viral content structor v2
2 mins
Catagories of viral content
5 mins
Best viral content marketer
9 mins
How to find viral worthy content
12 mins
Tools & resources for creating viral content
8 mins
Viral advertisement breakdown
2 mins
One last thing!

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Austin Luliano
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Hello, I'm Austin. I am a social media consultant, keynote speaker, and influencer. I have built an extended audience of over 1 million followers in …

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