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Create Watercolor Effects with Acrylic Paint

——   Created by Amanda Rinaldi

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More about this course

Have you ever wondered how to get a watercolor effect from your paintings without making muddy colors or from a medium that isn't watercolor? The Master Watercolor Effects Using Acrylic Paint course will show you how to create gorgeous watercolor effects using acrylic paint, and is designed for beginner and novice artists with a desire to learn how to paint and gain more confidence in their work.

In the course, you will learn my top acrylic techniques for creating a watercolor effect, by following me step-by-step in making a galaxy night sky as your final painting project. Not only will you learn how to create beautiful acrylic washes that rival watercolors, you will also learn acrylic techniques for blending colors, as well as techniques for creating trees and stars.

By following along with what you learn you will complete a painting at the end of the course that you will be proud to hang on the wall or give as a gift.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for beginners who have never picked up a brush before, through to intermediate level artists who are looking to try their hand in painting an entire scene with acrylics, and learn crucial mixing, composition, and brush techniques along the way.

The course covers some of the key things you need to know including:

  • How to get a watercolor effect using only acrylic paint
  • How to create beautiful blended backgrounds
  • How to layer colors
  • How to Look at Your Image with an Artist's eye
  • How to paint in evergreen tree silhouettes
  • Proper Brush Application Techniques
  • The basic equipment to use for acrylic painting

By the time you have completed this course you will have developed the skills and knowledge to continue on in your learning of how to paint and absolutely fall in love with the process.

Paint Supplies Used for this Class*

Simply Simmons brush set

  • 1" flat wash
  • #8 round brush
  • #10 shader
  • #0 detail round

Crimson red

Ultramarine blue

Titanium white

disposable palette paper

canvas paper 

Arteza premium acrylic paint

Liquitex Heavy body paint

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The course project

The class project will be to recreate the night galaxy sky and trees, using the techniques as presented in this course. You will also find a downloadable list of course materials needed.

Please share your finished paintings!

5 Lessons

2 mins
Welcome to the course
5 mins
List of Materials
16 mins
Step 1: Creating Watercolor Effects with the Background Sky
1 min
Step 2: Adding Stars
6 mins
Step 3: Painting Trees

About the instructor

It you!

Hi, I'm the Buzzed Artist, but you can call me Amanda!

I am a self-taught pencil and acrylic artist, dedicated to teaching people to art with …

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