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Creating Characters From the Inside Out

——   Created by Lindsey Renee Backen

How to create compelling, fictional characters.

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1h 28m
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More about this course

This class is based on the premise that plot is created when a character’s inner beliefs clash with his outer world. A series of videos and worksheets will teach writers a new way of thinking by guiding them through exploring the mentalities of their characters. By asking specific and targeted questions about the belief systems that compose the characters’ inner worlds, writers can understand what drives the choices that they make. In unit two, we will explore the people, circumstances, and physical elements of their outer environment. This class will teach you to refine your character’s goals by exploring his purpose. It will guide you in choosing elements to spotlight in his physical environment to help you hone your description skills. Its focus is on developing insight into how your character views his world and makes choices to create a compelling, character-driven plot with enough depth to carry you to the end of your draft or your revision.

The course project

Each video is followed up with a worksheet that will ask specific and targeted questions about your character. By filling out this worksheet, you will be training yourself to ask these types of questions as you write your scene, which will help you gain insight and inspiration as you write. Use this worksheet as a springboard to begin your writing sessions and see how you can apply the ideas you gain to your manuscript. Students are encouraged to share any insight they have gained with the class.

10 Lessons

5 mins
Introduction Video
11 mins
Define your character's physical needs.
9 mins
Understand your character's emotional needs.
12 mins
Consider your character's belief system.
7 mins
Find your character's purpose.
5 mins
Unit One Application
13 mins
Consider how your character is affected by his/her physical traits.
12 mins
Meet the people who influence your character's life and choices.
11 mins
Explore the world where your character lives.
8 mins
Tailor what you've learned to your novel's needs.

About the instructor

Lindsey Renee Backen

Writing is a skill that can be developed, honed, and enjoyed just as any other skill. Your experiences, unique blend of knowledge and skills, and …

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