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Creating the Endoscope Look in Cinema 4D

——   Created by Travis Vermilye

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1h 10m
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Endoscopes are commonly used in medical procedures such as laparoscopic surgery, colonoscopy, arthroscopy, etc. The visual appearance is characterized by a circular viewing field and very hot (bright) lighting that falls off or fades quickly in a dark environment. Luckily this is a look that is fairly simple to develop in Cinema 4D!

This look can be used for much more than endoscopic visualizations! Think POV (point of view) shots from a small submarine for example - add another light or two and you have a very convincing submarine look!

In this class, I'll walk you through step-by-step instructions to develop an endoscope look in Cinema 4D. This includes all modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. As an example scenario, we will animate a clip from a colonoscopy.

Here's a glimpse of what we'll create together.


  • All demonstration materials created in this class are created with the Studio version of Cinema 4D r20. Earlier versions may be used for the project, but some features may not be available. 
  • Any Key Commands used in the class will be shown on the screen when pressed. These are Mac specific. If you are using a PC, substitute the CMD button with CTRL, and the Option button with ALT. All other commands should be the same.
  • Render times using the Physical Render Engine can take a while. Be prepared to render over-night if you need to

The course project

Create a 15-second endoscope animation in Cinema 4D.


Using the tips and techniques taught in this class, create your own version of an endoscope video. Be creative. Just because we are working with a serious topic, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun while you are learning. What surprising things may lurk around the next bend (in a colon?)? 


Post your finished animation short as a Vimeo or YouTube link. Feel free to post in-progress screenshots or still renders too if you want some feedback.

Happy Animating!

Note: You'll need to have at the very least:

Cinema 4D, A YouTube or Vimeo account.

9 Lessons

4 mins
Set Up Your Workspace
12 mins
Build Your Colon Model
5 mins
Set Up Your Camera
8 mins
Refine Your Model
8 mins
Animate Your Camera Along a Spline
7 mins
Light Your Scene
15 mins
Add Textures and Refine Some More
14 mins
Make Some Final Adjustments
1 min
The Project

About the instructor

Travis Vermilye

Hello! I’m a digital and mixed media and artist, professor of design and illustration, biomedical illustrator and animator, coffee enthusiast, fly fisherman, hiker, biker, and …

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