Creativity Explosion! 31 days to Enhanced Creativity

——   Created by Mary-Jane Roussel

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Are you wondering how to use all those supplies that are sleeping on your shelves? Does it seem that you do the same thing over and over again? Has your well of ideas dried up? Or maybe you’ve just never had the creative knack that others have?

Do you marvel at those people who seem to have an endless flow of creative ideas? Have you asked yourself how their thought processes work to come up with original designs? Where their ingenuity comes from?

Then put down your brush, pen, stamps, ink, glue & scissors and join this course now - it was made for you! You’ll learn…

  • how tidying up can enhance your creativity (woe is me!)
  • 3 finger-walking exercises to add dexterity to your creative moves
  • how a single spark can set your creative fire ablaze
  • that having 6 hats is essential for artistic endeavours
  • … and more!

Thanks to the concrete advice and relevant exercises included in this course, you will never agin draw a blank when it comes to creating. Your own internal source of inspiration will be like a fountain of ideas … and you’ll soon have to go shopping to replace all those supplies you will have used from your shelves and cupboards!

The course project

Each day, a project or meditation or exercise is proposed as a follow-up to the lecture. These activities take on different forms (questionnaire, making a list ...).

34 Lessons

Introduction to Calligraphy Explosion
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Taking Stock
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Pen and paper
It's an attitude thing
Make a creativity corner
Take a 5 minute quiet break
Take that first step
Just do it- with regularity
And now, the first stroke
Track yourself
User a keyword spark (Dico)
Use a keyword spark (Fishbowl)
Look up at the stars
Tidy up
Set it on a shelf (figuratively)
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About the instructor

Hello. Allow me introduce myself: my name is Mary-Jane Roussel. I’m Canadian -- and French! I come from the Kawarthas (in Ontario) and live in the South of France. I’m the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer at creatuto.

In addition to managing the website, I occasionally do classes for adults in our pittoresque village …

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